Thank you for visiting.
This is a blog about finding your way, essentially  — or at least about the things I’m and have been encountering as I find mine, in the hope that it will, a the very least spur some kind of thought; be a catalyst, in helping you as you find yours.
I’d love to list what exactly will be had here for its readers, but that kind of negates the point; the point being that it comes from everywhere, and maybe not solving, but certainly celebrating the mystery of what the what and the where might be, and what sort of things will be posted and when.
I’m certain it will be a mix of things form media, books, lectures and workshops, etc, but I listen to signs as to what to post next.
A (very) little about me and my progression so far:
I am many things; I am an empath, intuitive, sensitive, I get visions from time to time, I sense spirits I know or can learn from around me, I have deja vu dreams; dreams that come true; including about future friends, sometimes years before I meet them, and more.
On that note since been called a shaman — a mutual empath told me the kind of empath I am is shamanic because I’ve taken on people physical symptoms of their ailments; including in tests like ultra sounds…though others’ breast cancer — both survivors, thankfully, shows up in me as an “unidentifiable cluster of cells” and my aunt and dog’s bladder cancers manifested as what I thought was a UTI, but the doctors could find no bacteria and, where actual UTI’s in my life had taken a day or two to even move up my urinary tract to a point where there was blood. in only a few hours of my first bleed my BLADDER. Was “just, full of blood”.
This actually, in conjunction with severe depression for 1-3 days after every time leaving my recently divorced, and latently suicidal (“I’m not suicidal, it’s just that when I go to bed at night, I’ve been asking God to take me.”…) mother’s house, that I googled taking on other people’s emotions illnesses, and of course (to my mind now) empath came up. But at the age of 32, this was the first I’d heard of it. And the first I could make sense of so many instances in my life.
Throughout this blog I will most likely elaborate on my experiences, which will likely make most, if not every post semiautobiographical. The rest will be revealed as things go. I tend to follow my intuition when it comes to what to share and what not to (online and in life), so I’ll be doing that instead of a predetermined format.
Thank you, great luck, love, and light, and I hope you benefit and enjoy from this contribution.

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